ESportsBattle | CS:GO statistics, predictions and players ratings 2

ESportsBattle | CS:GO statistics, predictions and players ratings

ESportsBattle | CS:GO statistics, predictions and players ratings


ESportsBattle | CS:GO – one the most popular tournaments in the esports industry, dynamic and exciting CS:GO tournaments with up-to-date analytics for each map. CS:GO fans get access to competitive content in three different formats: 5x5, 2x2, 1x1. Also there are stable broadcasts with minimal latency. The audience gets the following offers:

  • 1,500+ matches in top esports discipline monthly;
  • 2,700+ maps per month;
  • three cs:go formats: 5x5, 2x2, 1x1;
  • daily matches from 6:00 04:00 a.m.UTC;
  • pre-match and in-play odds;
  • high-quality live broadcasts with analytics for quick decision-making; fast and dynamic CS:GO tournaments 21 hours/day;
  • up to 4 streams simultaneously;
  • 15+ markets per event;
  • 70+ highly-rated сs:go players;
  • average match duration from 10 minutes.


CS:GO fans get the opportunity of observing constant testing of unique formats and dynamic contests between well-chosen teams and players. In addition, there are prematch & live markets for the event. Thanks to in-house IT-solutions for potential customers, clients get access to real data and statistics on all matches and players.

The official provider of ESportsBattle | CS:GO tournaments is BETER. More information about ESportsBattle tournaments and other products here.

Player rankings ESportsBattle |CS:GO

CS:GO fans may learn more about ESports Battle | CS:GO tournaments and athletes ranking. The data is compiled based on the actual players' results. In the competition 70+ highly-rated players take part. More information about CS:GO players can be found here.