Esports Basketball in details: modes, rules, requirements

Esports Basketball in details: modes, rules, requirements

Esports basketball in details: modes, rules, requirements

It is worth taking a closer look at the rules, leagues, tournaments and applications for еbasketball. Experts note that, in contrast to efootball or ehockey, the development of ebasketball takes place more slowly. The mass distribution of cyberbasketball began with the introduction of the well-known consoles Sega and Nintendo. The rules of the game in cyber basketball do not differ from those followed by athletes in traditional basketball.

Ebasketball tournaments: what is ebasketball NBA 2K league

The world's most popular ebasketball league is the NBA 2K League. The NBA 2K League (NBA2KL or simply 2K League) is a joint esports league initiation between the National Basketball Association and the publisher, developer and distributor of computer games Take-Two Interactive.

To qualify for the league, a player must be 18 years of age or older and have an NBA 2K (Sports Series) on PlayStation4 or Xbox One. PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation are not eligible platforms. Potential members should have won a few Pro or Am games (Pros and Amateurs) and to apply. Players get the opportunity to join other teams or play with their own lineup. Also, players may use both the first and the second option.

Experts note that ebasketball has the potential for development on an international scale. This is largely facilitated by the ESportsBattle platform, which provides up-to-date analytics for each match and high-quality broadcasts 24/7 that fans can see on the platform's YouTube channel.