ESportsBattle: mission, products and goals

ESportsBattle: mission, products and goals

ESportsBattle — main disciplines, tournaments and audience

The platform includes tournaments in the following disciplines:

Key messages of the ESportsBattle platform include:

These messages confirm the fact that the ESportsBattle team pays a lot of attention to the target audience. If we consider the gender aspect, then 80% of the audience are boys and 20% are girls. Many people mistakenly believe that the primary consumers of the platform's products are mainly gamers. However, fans of the discipline are not only zealous fans of efootball, ebasketball, eicehocky or cs2. Adherents of esports predictions or, for example, esports betting strategies will also be interested in the platform's products.

ESportsBattle Leagues

In addition to tournaments in the above disciplines, ESportsBattle provides the following types of leagues:

ESportsBattle Academy

ESportsBattle Academy is an educational platform for aspiring FIFA, CS2, NBA gamers and esports professionals. The platform's mission is to popularize esports and raise the professionalism of specialists in this industry. ESportsBattle Academy includes: