Recently, our Instagram channel followers determined the best ESportsBattle | BASKETBALL player.

Artem Blaylockk Tsivak got the most votes and became the winner! The second place went to Andriy Andrik Maziar, one of the strongest ebasketball players in Ukraine, a member of the Ukrainian Cyberbasketball Federation (UCBF). Congratulations to Artem on a well-deserved victory!

Artem has been playing ebasketball for more than ten years. During this time, the hobby has turned into a career. In January 2021, Artem joined ESportsBattle Academy. The platform allows Artem to realize his potential to the fullest, not only as a player but also as a coach — in 2021, he spent 300+ hours of training with players of different levels at the Academy.

Eight ESportsBattle | BASKETBALL players took part in the competition. The voting took place in several stages. Based on the first stage results, we’ve determined the four best ebasketball players. According to the second stage of voting, Artem and Andriy made it to the final. 

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