Finalists of ESportsBattle FL 2020-2021 in the PRO division ESportsBattle FL 2020-2021: the strongest cyber football players of the season

On August 14-15, the grand final of the largest Ukrainian cyber football league ESportsBattle FL 2020-2021, will occur. The best participants from the PRO Division and AMATEUR Division will compete. According to the results of the four-season qualifiers, the eight best players from each division, who received the most ESportsBattle Points throughout the season, advanced to the grand finals. PRO division e-sportsmen will fight for a prize fund of 85 thousand UAH and a place in the Ukrainian e-football team, amateur esports players - for a fund of UAH 55,000 and automatic accrual of ESportsBattle Points in PRO Division 2021‑2022 (for the top three AMATEUR Division winners). Three players from the PRO division with the highest ESportsBattle Points commented on their participation in the grand final.


Topping the list of PRO Division Oleksiy "ForlanFS_PS" Mercer is the best Ukrainian player on the international stage of FIFA 21 (according to the leaderboard), Autumn Qualifier finalist, bronze medalist of the winter qualifier, and winner of the Spring Qualifier ESportsBattle FL.

Alexey commented on his participation in the league: "Thanks to the organizers for holding a tournament of such a level. I'm happy that we managed to create such a long tournament demonstrating the level of efootball players in Ukraine. In my opinion, the more matches, our players have opportunities for sports development.

I was not always satisfied with my results during the four qualifiers, but I ended up in first place in terms of total points, and, of course, I am actively preparing for the grand final.

Our eight are potent players, with whom it was enjoyable to play all the season qualifiers, so I am preparing very carefully for the final. Finally, I will try to find new chips to surprise my opponents and win."

Alexey "ForlanFS_PS" Mercer received 340 points based on the results of four ESportsBattle FL 2020-2021 season qualifiers.


In second place by the number of points was Yaroslav "ESB_Black-YH98" Gurmak, a professional e-sportsman who is one of the top three e-football players in Ukraine, the winner of the Autumn Qualifier.

"I love football. At 8-9, I started playing FIFA on PS1. This simulator is as close as possible to a real game. I played football professionally, played for Obolon, which plays in the First League of Ukraine, played 25 official matches, and in my free time played FIFA.

Due to a severe injury and subsequent relapse, at the age of 21, he was forced to leave professional football and switch to e-football. And, as it turned out, I made the right choice. In just a year in eSports, I was able to win the ESportsBattle Football League Fall Qualifier, make it to the eNations Cup National Team, and make it 30-0 in the Weekend League.

This year I have already shown myself to the maximum in Ukraine, and I plan to enter the international level. Thanks to ESportsBattle FL and worthy opponents, I plan to conquer European e-football tournaments next year," Yaroslav said about his motivation and plans.

ESB_Black-YH98 got 320 points in ESportsBattle FL.


Alexander "ESB_sane4ek8" Petukhov occupies third place in the standings thanks to the victory at the Summer Qualifier.

"I managed to win the summer qualifier and outperform my opponents only thanks to great concentration because all the players play at a very high level. For over two years, I have been going to become the winner of the qualifier and beat strong esports players. Now I plan to prepare for the grand final carefully, " said Alexander.

ESportsBattle FOOTBALL LEAGUE is an eSports football league that consists of four seasonal qualifiers and a grand final. This is the first national ex-football league organized with the support of the Ukrainian Electronic Football Association (UAEF) for professional players and amateurs.

ESportsBattle is the largest esports platform in Ukraine, which includes an esports academy, national tournaments, 24/7 matches, and a community of esports players and fans.