ESportsBattle interview with Andriy Mazyar, player of the Ukrainian ebasketball team, about and development of ebasketball in Ukraine

Recently, a large-scale international cyber basketball tournament — FIBA ​​ESPORTS OPEN III. The Ukrainian national team included players from the largest e-sports platform in Ukraine — ESportsBattle, particularly Andriy Mazyar. The platform organizers talked to Andriy and asked about his participation and result in the tournament and the future and development of cyber basketball in Ukraine.

What is the situation with investments in cyber basketball in Ukraine?

As for investing in cyber basketball in Ukraine, it is difficult for us. We can learn from international experience. For example, in the United States, former NBA players sponsor cyber basketball teams.

Any competition is stressful, especially when such a large number of teams take part in the tournament. How do you deal with stress? Was there stress during the competition?

In general, calm, but it happens.

I react calmly because I can make the same mistake the next moment.

Is there anyone among you (members of the national team) who earns purely by cyber basket?

Not yet, but it will soon be the primary source of income.

How hard is it to combine essential work and training?

It was difficult for me; training takes a lot of time.

What can help the development of a cyber basket in the CIS?

We already have the support of big basketball. We need regular tournaments, competition events, and public broadcasts. The more we promote e-sports - as an equal discipline to ordinary sports, the faster it will develop, including e-basketball.

Where do I go, and who do I turn to if I want to start my journey in e-sports?

Of course, you need to learn from professional players. ESportsBattle Academy provides one such opportunity.

The e-sportsman also said that e-sports in our country, unfortunately, is still underdeveloped and not as popular as in Europe, where everyone understands the trend and is moving towards e-sports. More tournaments need to be held to actively develop and promote ebasketball allowing e-athletes to show their competitiveness and let beginners learn from qualified coaches and get a profession in esports.

To this end, the ESportsBattle Academy eSports platform in January 2021 launched a cyber basketball training program.

All courses at ESportsBattle Academy allow players of all levels of training to improve their skills and knowledge under the guidance of top practicing players and coaches in various cyber disciplines.

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