Congratulations to the winners of ESportsBattle FL | Stage 1 | 2021-2022 PRO Division!
Friends, the final of Stage 1 of the largest series of national efootball tournaments ESportsBattle | FOOTBALL LEAGUE PRO Division took place on January 22-23.

Congratulations to the winners and huge thanks to all participants!

1 place — Maxym FEAR Bober — 120
2 place — Oleksandr Grishay Grishay — 100
3 place — Oleksandr Zzakki_FIFA Slipchuk — 80

The winners received ESportsBattle Points, which allow them to play in the Grand Final, and money prizes: 1st place — 17,500 UAH, 2nd place — 10,750 UAH, and 3rd place — 7,750 UAH.

By the way, Oleksandr Zzakki_FIFA Slipchuk participated in the AMATEUR Division last season, and in the 2021/2022 season, he qualified for the PRO Division and became the Stage 1 3rd place winner. Watch the Stage 1 final broadcasts on our official YouTube channel:

Registration for Stage 2 is already open. Hurry up to apply for participation before 02/22/2022!
The qualifying round will be held online on February 26-27.

ESportsBattle | FOOTBALL LEAGUE 2021-2022 tournament series is supported by the Ukrainian Electronic Football Association. The total prize pool of ESportsBattle | FL is 350,000 UAH.

ESportsBattle is the largest esports platform in Ukraine, which includes an esports academy, national tournaments, high quality and stable matches 24/7, unites and supports the community of esports players and fans.