ESportsBattle FOOTBALL LEAGUE 2020-2021 is over!

14.08 - 15.08 the Grand Final took place, in which the best players from the four seasonal qualifiers took part.

Thanks to all the players who took part in the ESportsBattle FOOTBALL LEAGUE 2020-2021 tournament.

Congratulations to the PRO Division and Amateur Division winners!

PRO Division winners:

1st place - Andrey 'IIIISTEPOVERIIII' Shakalov - 45'000 UAH. and a place in the Ukrainian national cyber football team

2nd place - Daniil 'xSHILITO' Shelaev - 25'000 UAH.

3rd place - Eugene 'Yozhyk' Mostovik - 15'000 UAH.

AM Division winners:

1st place - Stanislav 'ffofficial' Gorvat - 30'000 UAH.

2nd place - Dmitry 'Kray_me' Kraynik - 15'000 UAH.

3rd place - Alexander 'alex_slipchuk' Slipchuk - 10'000 UAH.

See you in the new season!