Regulation on ESportsBattle Tournaments

Goals of ESportsBattle:

ESportsBattle tournaments venue

Organizers communicate tournament venues once the entry lists are finalized.

ESportsBattle participants

A man or a woman aged 18 years and older are allowed to become participants. Organizers determine if a person is allowed to participate in the tournament.Organizers bear the costs of ESportsBattle tournaments.

Tournaments format

The format is determined once the entry lists are finalized.

Participants’ rewarding

Organizers may decide to reward participants.

ESportsBattle Tournaments

General conditions

ESportsBattle cyber basketball tournament is held on the PlayStation platform. Competitions are held online. Organizers determine the number of cybsportsmen allowed at ESportsBattle.

Competition Rules

In ESportsBattle tournament, each cyber sportsmen is assigned to 1 team for the entire tournament. Usually, 4 or 5 cyber sportsmen participate in each tournament. Tournament participants compete in a round-robin format.The winner of the match is determined within the main playing time. In the case of “Draw” overtime is added. Results of a match are recorded to the tournament statistics.

Determination of Tournament Winner

Following the results of the match, each player earns scores:

If following the results of the group-phase match, two and more participants earn equal scores, their tournament place is determined:

All results of matches are recorded into the official tournament online statistics and published on ESportsBattle official sources.

Force Majeure: Replacing Participants and Cancelling Tournament

Replacing Participants of Tournament

If a cyber sportsman does not show up or cannot participate in the tournament due to a force majeure event, the participant can be replaced. Replacement of the participant may happen on short notice as well as in advance, as the case may be. Replacement of the participants is only possible within the entire tournament and never allowed for a certain match/matches.

Cancelling Tournament

The tournament can be cancelled due to a force majeure event, technical issues, or lack of the tournament minimum required number of cyber sportsmen. The matches of such cancelled tournaments cannot be repeated and are deemed to be cancelled.