General provisions for conducting tournaments of the ESportsBattle CS2 series

Goals of the ESportsBattle CS2 series tournaments:

Venue of ESportsBattle CS2

The venue of the tournament is announced by the organizers after determining the line-up.

Competitors ESportsBattle CS2

A tournament participant can be male or female over 18 years old. The possibility of participating in the tournament is determined by the organizers. The expenses are covered by the organizers of the ESportsBattle CS2 series tournament.

Tournament holding system

The holding system is determined after the line-up is formed.

Rewarding of participants

Participants can be awarded by the organizers of the tournament.

Registration of team members takes place via the links provided on the official website (social networks) of the Tournament Organizer by filling out the corresponding application. A team can only register once. Before the registration is completed, the captain can independently change the information specified during registration. The line-ups for the upcoming match must be submitted no later than 20 hours before its start.

Tournament rules

To participate in the tournament matches participants must have an active “Counter-Strike 2” account without VAC locks. Players who have been VAC banned in the last 12 months are not allowed to participate. If a player receives a VAC ban during a tournament, the team will be disqualified.The servers on which the match takes place are provided by the Tournament Organizer.

Tournament Formats and Game Settings

The format of the tournament, the procedure for determining the maps, as well as the determination of the winners are defined by the Tournament Organizer. Tournaments are held in the following formats:

Game settings

The use of third-party software that facilitates the gameplay is strictly prohibited. If they are found, the player, and in some cases the team, may be disqualified from the tournament. Server game settings are determined by the TournamentOrganizer.

Match rules

Communication between the players takes place on a dedicated TS server provided by the Tournament Organizer. By taking part in the tournament, team members automatically agree to audio recording / video recording of their conversations, games, workplace, as well as the players themselves during the match. Matches can be rescheduled in cases of: massive problems with players connections; problems on the side of the Tournament Organizer; shutdown or technical maintenance work on the game servers. Matches can be suspended in case of problems on the side of one of the players or the spectator. During the finals, in the event of a technical failure, the match can be restarted using the Backup round in which the failure occurred.The organizer may establish additional rules for the tournament without the consent of the participants.

Tournament broadcast

All rights to broadcasts belong to the Organizer and include: the name and image of the participant, samples of personal signature, hairstyle and other elements of appearance, video and audio filming of matches with the participation of the player / team and further public broadcasting, relaying of the recordings of matches on the Organizers Internet resources and in the public domain including commercial use purposes, replays, GOTV and demo recordings. The organizer reserves the right to deny these rights to participants or third parties.

Final provisions

Changes and additions to these Terms and Conditions are reviewed and accepted by the Tournament Organizer.Matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions are governed by the Tournament Organizer.